Honor Roll Newsletter

The Rising Stars Honor Roll is assembled each quarter to recognize student athletes enrolled in our programs for their academic achievements. The following children made the honor roll within his or her respective school. Congratulations to all of the following student athletes for their hard work in the classroom.


Name Grade   Name Grade
Imran Gangat 4 Daniel Segal 7
Ely Hahami 4 Jake Solomon 7
Caleb Phillips 4 Brandon Sweeney 7
Dylan Provenz 4 Jennifer Walton 7
Costa Yarian 4 Julia Wilkinson 7
Alina Ali 6 Madison Gillis 8
Michael Cristofari 6 Darien Lloyd 8
Joey DeVerteuil 6 Julia Anderson 9
Matthew Feingold 6 Kara Castaldo 9
Sarah Fieldman 6 Rebecca Katz 9
Emily Gal 6 Julia Linekin 9
Nadeem Gangat 6 Jillian Maturo 9
Aiden Horstmann 6 Gabrielle Zaffiro 9
Cole Jacklin 6 Aidan Barry 10
Luke Jacklin 6 Jake Block 10
Niko Kosmidis 6 Keanu Brewster 10
Philip La Rosa 6 Jessica Brower 10
Aiden Mandell 6 Gerald Buncum 10
Iman Pirzada 6 Gabby Horman 10
Adam Covey 7 Jessica Scuderi 10
David Cytryn 7 Morgan Staab 10
Brianna Fitzgerald 7 Michaela Bruno 11
Ethan Gatto 7 Jack Deutsch 11
Becir Hot 7 Nolan Kelly 11
Jacob Katz 7 Shannon Kelly 11
Ella Malysa 7 Lindsay O’Sullivan 11
Teddy Mangarotti 7 Sarah Solomon 11
Philip Menist 7 CJ Bachmann 12
Ryan Pase 7 Sam Fieldman 12
AJ Piedra 7 Thomas O’Connell 12
Jonathan Piedra 7 Katie McGoldrick 12
Reed Rosen 7 Caitlyn Staab 12


In addition we would like to highlight our 2 Scholar Athletes for their exceptional academic performance:


Jack Deutsch Gabrielle Zaffiro
Junior, Friends Academy Freshman, North Shore
Jack_Deutsch Gabrielle_Zaffiro






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Dan GimpelOver the next few months, our leadership team plans to update all fans and followers on the progress of our current pilot program with the YMCA as well as other activities that provide a safe and encouraging environment for our youth to explore, practice and initiate leadership skills.

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Executive Director of Rising Stars, Inc.,

Dan Gimpel