Rising Stars Basketball Camp Registration – SIGN UP NOW!

Dear Parents and Campers,

Welcome to our 21st annual Summer Basketball Academy series. Once again, we anticipate a waiting list of campers that wish to attend. The reasons are simple. We strictly limit enrollment in every camp and provide an exceptional basketball experience.

Last summer camp had 4:1 camper-to-staff ratio. Many teams had two coaches, all teaching was conducted in small groups and semi-final/final games were officiated by three IAABO officials. That’s the Rising Stars difference.

I hope to see you this summer and I can personally guarantee your experience will exceed your expectations. Please remember, enrollment is limited. So apply early! Feel free to use our online contact us form with any questions.

Dan Gimpel

2016 Rising Stars Summer Brochure

2016 Summer Camp Registration

Honor Roll Newsletter

The Rising Stars Honor Roll is assembled each semester to recognize our student athletes for their academic achievements. The following children made the honor roll within his or her respective school. Congratulations to all of these student athletes for their hard work in the classroom.

Name Grade Name Grade
Caitlin Kenney 4 Cherish Atkinson 8
Caleb Phillips 4 David Cytryn 8
Elizabeth Kenney 4 Dior Ostrozubi 8
Amelia Carmen 5 Jacob Katz 8
Billy Kind 5 Jennifer Walton 8
Ely Hahami 5 Julia Cavanagh 8
Luke Gottfried 5 Kelly Bergersen 8
Matthew Garside 5 Kiara Ramirez 8
Michael Yarias 5 Malachi Phillips 8
Natalie Poon 5 Michael O’Connell 8
Chase Robinson 6 Morgan Wolf 8
Colleen McCullagh 6 Brendan Bernsley 9
Erin Harkins 6 Bryan Kenyon 9
Isaac Martinez 6 Caroline McLoughlin 9
Jadyn James 6 Cathryn Kramer 9
Kyla Nembach 6 Elijah Perry 9
Luke Perry 6 Hassan Diarra 9
Malcolm Wrisby-Jefferson 6 Jonathan Hahami 9
Alice Crandall 7 Kimani Merchant 9
Antonio Michael Arana 7 Lucy Peters 9
Belinda Daniel 7 Meaghan McCaffrey 9
Brandon Gilbert 7 Ryan Washington 9
Chris Barresi 7 Victoria Venus 9
Christian Schwirzbin 7 Zayquan Warren 9
Gregory Cantwell 7 Costa Kosmidis 10
Iman Pirzada 7 Julia Anderson 10
Kip Dellaris 7 Kelly Hughes 10
Lauren Goldberg 7 Michela Genoa 10
Madison McCormick 7 Nicholas Ovanessian 10
Niko Kosmidis 7 Rebecca Katz 10
Rami Hahami 7 Costa Kosmidis 11
Riley Fanning-Hughes 7 Hannah Peck 11
AJ Piedra 8 Jayden Sutton 11
Anna Hughes 8 Jessie Brower 11
Autumn Washington 8 Keanu Brewster 11
Becir Hot 8 Madison Gillis 11
Brandon Goldberg 8 Maya Bernsley 11
Taylor Hughes 11