Rising Stars, Inc. has been utilizing the power of teams to promote education and provide student athletes with the opportunity to compete nationally for over twenty years. Rising Stars Executive Director Dan Gimpel and Rising Stars alumni, ESPN’S Jay Williams are both products of Rising Stars teams and both credit the experience for where they are today.

Rising Stars, Inc. sees being a part of a team as a way to apply the life skills developed from competition such as leadership, responsibility, and setting goals, to their own development. Competition begins in 3rd grade for boys and girls and is available throughout high school. During this time, the Rising Stars goal is to keep kids enrolled in the program by offering the best overall experience possible. We put more emphasis on the importance of making the team experience a fun-filled one for our younger athletes and less on winning or losing. As they progress into older teams, with continuity, the challenges of winning become more relevant.

Rising Stars, Inc. sees teams as an opportunity to combine academics and athletics for success. Grade point average and academic performance in school, the role they play in the community, and all aspects of life off the court are balanced and equally important to the skills demonstrated on the court. It is that balance that will help them to graduate High School, college-ready and issue-free. The Rising Stars, Inc. goal is to keep the players with whom they begin, not replacing them throughout the years. That is one of the most important aspects that makes Rising Stars, Inc. different. Another difference is the quality of staff. Every one of our coaches is a teaching professional, has played at the college level and has coached at the high school level or higher.

Rising Stars, Inc. teams provide all players with the opportunity of college exposure throughout the spring and summer and is proud of the nearly 100% High School graduation rate and matriculation on to colleges of seniors in their programs.

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