A+ (Academic Plus Programs)

learnRising Stars A+ (Academic Plus Programs) provide every Rising Stars team member with the guidance and the academic support  they need to achieve success throughout grade school and high school. Every Rising Stars team member’s academic performance is closely monitored and reviewed throughout grade school so that those most at risk of failure and in need of private education placement can be identified at an early age. All participants are provided with information on HS schools in their area and are assisted with taking placement tests. We work with our partner schools (including Holy Trinity, Chaminade, St. Francis Prep, Holy Cross, Long Island Lutheran and Archbishop Molloy) to identify at-risk students in need of private education. They are provided with sponsorship and placement. Once in HS, report cards are monitored quarterly and students in need of assistance are referred to the Executive Director for academic support. That support includes tutoring and homework help as well as test-taking support.

Tutor Assistance

Students in need of tutoring and homework help are provided with a peer tutor or one of our certified teachers for academic support. Study hall is mandatory for those at risk of failing a subject with parental involvement required and strongly encouraged. Tutorial time is based upon the student’s needs and schedule. Our peer counseling program also helps with the SATs and other tests. This program offers assistance with all preparations in taking the test. Passing grades are one of the core prerequisites to being a part of a Rising Stars team and students at risk of failing a subject are put on probation until that is no longer a risk.

College Guidance

High School students in the Rising Stars program begin preparation for college as early as 9th grade by attending sessions that outline yearly requirements to stay on track for graduation. Team members entering senior year are offered seminars in the preparation and application of college, and in most cases, one-on-one college guidance sessions with the Executive Director. Support is provided to assist with finalizing their post-secondary plans. We provide all of our students with transcript analysis, collegiate selection, completion of applications, scheduling of college visitations, and letters of recommendation. We use our resource base to help students get accepted at a college/university at which they will have the best opportunity to experience success. Eligible students may also apply for our need-based college assistance fund to offset the high cost of attending the first year of college.