The future of many of NYC’s children remains at risk. New York City has the worst four-year high school graduation rate in the country for African-American and Hispanic male students. (37% graduate high school in four years.) The percentage of college-ready individuals are far lower. (12.5% among black, and 15.7% among Hispanics). Dropouts are less likely to find employment, suffer from poor health and face incarceration and poverty for future generations. Kids are disconnected, needing guidance, an understanding of life skills, values and the ability to determine “right” from “wrong”. Purposeful and strategic execution is what is failing our system.


Utilizing the power of teams as a conduit to teach life skills, promoting education and providing positive after-school activities that establish direction and a vision of success is the main theme of Rising Stars. Rising Stars programs reinforce the values that children need to make correct decisions throughout HS. Since we began our educational initiatives and academic support programs, Rising Stars has graduated over 85% of HS seniors in their programs, college-ready and issue-free. Our partnership with the LIC YMCA is centered within the borders of NYC’S most under-served populations and allows us the opportunity to serve the youth most at risk of not reaching their full potential, especially those surrounded by poverty, drugs, violence, racism and bad education. Rising Stars enrolls children in its programs from grade three and up, identifying those at greatest risk of failure in school. Rising Stars has successfully helped to make a significant difference in the lives of these hard-to-reach youth.


PLAY-PNGNational studies continue to show that over 75% of all children stop playing organized sports before entering high school. Rising Stars recognizes that kids need to keep being active throughout their formative years and that much of what we learn, we learn through play at a early age. 85% of all youth enrolled in Rising Stars starting from 3rd grade stay enrolled and active with us through grade 12 and beyond.

Rising Stars provides opportunities for our kids to stay active throughout the year, including teams, summer camps and clinics.

“The Rising Stars Foundation is the best vehicle I know for children to learn the values and life skills they need throughout their formative years. I am proud to support their good works and to serve as the national ambassador for this outstanding organization.” – Jay Williams, ESPN


New York has the worst four-year high school graduation rate in the country for under-served male students. Only 37% of children outside Risings Stars graduate high school. However, 85% of all youth in Rising Stars programs have shown progress in academic success and are college-ready and issue-free!

“Our organization shares similar goals in raising young people to be compassionate, educated leaders for the future. It is obvious that Rising Stars is about more than just basketball, You demonstrate an interest in each of your student-athletes; in the classroom; at home; on the court; everywhere!” – Dr. David Hahn, Long Island Lutheran

GROW-PNG“Rising Stars has been my family, my school and my inspiration. They have made it possible for me to succeed in school and they changed my life. I don’t know where I would be if not for their help and guidance.” – Losini K., 2014 Rising Stars Student, Grade 10

Former Rising Stars return after graduation as mentors, coaches, and volunteers. We help facilitate our student athletes growth by partnering with families and building personal relationships. We act as a bridge between schools, community and family to provide a balance that leads to truly understanding and addressing  their needs. We strive for our programs to keep direct contact with youth, constantly gauging their interests and helping them to overcome the challenges they face. Our goal is to help develop a more complete individual, well-rounded and ready for success in life.